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Radio Media Colin O'Driscoll


Today FM      Today FM

Description: Debate between Colin O'Driscoll and Paddy Power regarding "Internet Gambling" (10 mins)

Description: Debate between Colin O'Driscoll and Michael Lowry on the creation of Super casinos in Ireland (11 mins)


Dublin City FM     Dublin City FM

Description: Interview with Colin O'Driscoll regarding "shopaholics" (10 mins)


Eastcoast FM     East Coast FM
Description: Interview with Colin O'Driscoll regarding gambling and addiction trends (12 mins)


Newstalk FMNewstalk

Description: Colin O'Driscoll contributes to a discussion on random drug testing in the work place (4 mins)

Description: Excerpt of Colin O'Driscoll discussing Forest healthcare's treatment programme (2 mins)