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Group Facilitation Skills

Event:                                       2 Day Workshop

  Training in Group Facilitation Skills

Date:                                         15 &16/12/2011

Facilitator:                               Colin O'Driscoll

Venue:                                      Bewley's Hotel, Leopardstown


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Group Facilitation Skills training is aimed at those involved in, or with aspirations to be involved in the facilitation of Group therapy across a range of disciplines.


Learning aims:

Participants will acquire an understanding of the theory and practical skills required for facilitating groups, outline the roles a facilitator may take in therapeutic, educational or workplace settings, with specific reference to group dynamics, transference, group development, and group life cycles.  Participants will learn about the theory of group dynamics   



Teaching methods:

The workshop emphasises and applies the theory and practice of Group Facilitation. Throughout the workshop various methods will be used to facilitate learning, including lecture format (with PowerPoint presentation), demonstration of techniques, video presentation, group discussion, practice and feedback.



This training will explore a variety of therapeutic models and offer training and practice in the facilitation of group processes providing a greater understanding of:

1. Group Roles

2. Group Task and maintenance roles

3. Differing modalities (e.g. Attachment Theory, Psychodynamic theory, Psychoanalytic theory, Rogerian Theory and CBT)

4. Process and content aspects to group work

5. Therapeutic factors of group therapy (Yallom)

6. Stages of Group Development (Tuckman)

7. Group Planning


 The training will involve a mix of didactic lecturing, group discussion, video demonstration, and practice.