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Ethics and Privacy


Privacy and confidentiality are common and centrally important concerns. Trust is an essential element to a therapeutic relationship. Therefore it is important to be clear that engagement with Change Psychology Services and its staff is considered completely confidential and no information is shared with any third party.  

From time to time CPS may research its clinical outcomes in keeping with the monitoring of treatment integrity. In such an instance personal information (e.g. names, addresses, phone numbers or personal descriptions, will never be used).  

There are, in accordance with Ireland’s Safety and Child Protection Procedures, some limits to the confidentiality and these are as follows:

  • Client is a perceived and imminent physical risk to themselves or others
  • Client discloses information about a child that is at  risk 


CPS is a professional organisation and thus forms its clinical governance by adherence to particular principles and governing code(s) of ethics. These codes of ethics are outlined by: 

The Psychological Society of Ireland logo

1.      The Psychological Society of Ireland 

2.      The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy 



The principles of CPS engagement are listed as follows: 

1.      Consulting in an air of dignity and respect 

2.      Promotion of autonomy 

3.      Collaborative approach 

4.      Non-confrontational approach 

5.      Humanistic approach 

6.      Central emphasis on empathy 

7.      Professional approach ensuring best practice through evidence